Thursday, February 12, 2015

Hockey Hair - Don't Care

J started playing hockey this year.  He is having a lot of fun and his skating his getting better each time he gets on the ice.  J's hair was getting longer, getting a little out of control.  So, I said to him "We should cut your hair" His answer was no. J told me he wanted hockey hair.  I asked him, "What is hockey hair?" J answered "Like this", putting his hand on his head, "But sweaty".

J's hair got massive. But he looked adorable. I always found he looked younger when he had lots of hair.
J on his 7th Birthday at McDonalds.  Adorable!

The past few weeks we have been talking with J to cut his hair. It is starting to be a problem when putting on his helmet, (Now I know why the 'mullet' look is good for hockey players, they have long hair but can still put on their helmet), J agreed to get his hair cut. It was an easy sell, hockey is winding down and ball season is starting up. 

The hockey hair Before

And the After
So Handsome.
J said his head felt so much lighter.
Ri got her cut as well.  She wanted to wait until the spring, but seeing J getting his hair cut, she couldn't wait. 
She also got a lot of hair cut off.
 She got a cute bob.

The kids look super cute.  We are ready for Spring!  However, we have a winter storm brewing.

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