Monday, February 16, 2015

My Baby

E is my Third Baby
 One of the handful of times, E left a soother in his mouth

And as I blogged before, I felt comfortable with E from the start. I love him so much. He is so sweet. Every time he sees me or one of the other family members, his little face lights up and he gives the biggest smile.  Each day, I could bite his cheeks with all that cuteness.  He can squeal very loudly when he is happy and excited. And he loves putting his thumb in his mouth. Even when he was just born and the nurse put him on my chest, his little two fingers went in his mouth.  E loves to be held.  Even though now he can spend more time in his exerciser now, he still gives me the 'pick me up' eyes as I cross the room.

 E fell asleep on the couch.
The kids had their stuff animals out.
However, I am lacking in one parental department with him.  The picture department. I was looking back at the pictures of the other kids when they were E's age and I have a lot more pictures of them.  I love E just as much as my older two.  I am excited to have him. I have just been really slack with the pictures. Even with my other children as of lately, I haven't been taking as many pictures of them either.
He is my only thumb sucker
(pic taken from my other blog)
If Ea is sitting with me on the couch, he'll tilt his head up and look at me. He is starting to grab at things and I am now telling him "Tat Ta" meaning hand it to mommy. Ea also has two bottom teeth. I felt the first one the second day after he turned four months. He rolled over for the first time the day after he turned four months. He does it all most always now when you lay him on the floor.

Ea has been such a blessing in our lives.  Watching him grow, is like watching the growing process for the first time, not the third. We love you sweetheart!

(Yesterday we had a huge snow storm. Highways were shut down. Today is a holiday)

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