Friday, February 6, 2015

What's in your Ear?

Close to a year ago on a Friday, Jovy cashed in is bravos (tickets earned for good behaviour) at school and brought home a beaded necklace.

That evening I put him to bed.  As I was reading Jovy a story, he was playing with the necklace and it broke. Shiny little beads everywhere.  We picked up all that we could see and we placed them in his special box. I told him we would try to fix it in the morning.

A little while later Jovy went to the bathroom, we could hear the water running for a while.  We thought he was getting a drink from the tap.  We told him to go back to bed.  A few minutes later, he got up again and said "I have some beads in my ear" 

What?  Terry and I looked at one another. Terry said, "No way!".  I got the flashlight and looked in his ear. Sure enough I seen the beads sparkle back at me.  And his ear was wet.  Jovy had tried to get them out with water. He was on the right track.

We called Nanny (Terry's mom) to watch Rio. Terry and I took Jovy to the hospital.  We couldn't take the beads out ourselves, it was deep in the ear and tiny.  While we were waiting for Nanny to come over, Jovy had leaned over the couch with tears in his eyes and said "I am trying to be brave".  We gave him cuddles and reassurance that things will be okay.

At the hospital the doctor, with a chuckle, asked Jovy if he had any beads in his nose. Jovy said no. The doctor took a syringe full of water and blasted both ears.  The beads came out.  Later that night Jovy did wake up with hurting ears to do the cleaning.  I gave him some kids advil for the pain. He was 100% a day or two later.  Jovy hasn't put anything in his ears since.

(Another snow day today. Jovy got out of school early yesterday. More snow on the ground)

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