Wednesday, February 18, 2015

When I Didn't Know I was Pregnant

A year ago at this time, I was pregnant but I didn't know it. I wouldn't find out for another three weeks.  Looking back I did have some signs but I made excuses for them.  When I went to the doctor about my pregnancy, I was scheduled an ultra sound two weeks later.  At the ultra sound I found out I was 14 weeks along.  So, when I found out I was pregnant I was 12 weeks. 

When we started trying for our second child (Ri). It was over a year and nothing had happened.  I was getting irregular periods.  I would think I was pregnant, take a test and it would be negative.  There had been a lot of times when I really though....this is it.... I am pregnant, but I wasn't.  After a year I went to the doctor, he put me on the birth control pill for three months to regular my periods. When I went off the pill, I got pregnant right away.

In October of last year, we started trying again.  I took a test in November and nothing.  My mind went back to our previous experience with trying for a second baby.  When December rolled around, I didn't get a period, I didn't take a test. I didn't want to feel disappointed with a negative result.  January and February repeated with no period and no test. I had a plan to go see the doctor in April about getting pregnant. Truth was, I got pregnant just before Christmas. I just didn't know.

Around New Year's we all the sick, very sick. Throwing up kind of sick. A few weeks later, Terry's sister and our niece (They live on the other side of the country) came and stayed for a few weeks due to family reasons.  We were still staying with Terry's mom (waiting for a place to open up) so there were late nights of us chatting.  When they left to go back home, I was so tired.  I would have to go to bed at eight or nine o'clock at night compared to my normal time of 11 o'clock.  That was a sign of pregnancy, but I just thought it was because of the late nights and the extra people in the house.

Another sign I had was just feeling bad, feeling sick, but I just though it was due to bad eating over the Christmas Holidays. This is kinda of a weird sign, I would throw up if I drank milk in the morning. But only in the morning, I was safe to drink milk in the afternoon or evening. Again I just thought  it was because I was tired and didn't eat the greatest over the holidays. 

At end of February, a three bedroom apartment opened up. We moved in the 9th of March.  Terry and I moved ourselves.  We moved all of our stuff out of storage with our minivan. I carried heavy objects, something I wouldn't have done if I knew I was pregnant. During the month of February we had a lot of snow, I spend a long time shoveling. If I knew I was pregnant I would have done it in shorter sessions. 

Finally about week after we moved in, I got sick in the morning, this time no milk.  Terry said "I think your pregnant"  I went to the bathroom and took a test (costco size box) and sure enough I was pregnant. Terry was like I told you so.

Finding out later did help make the pregnancy go faster.  And I think it was in God's time that I found out. Other things had to be in place.

(We had another snow day today, two in a row)

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