Tuesday, February 3, 2015

You Have Your Hands Full

"You have your hands full".  I have heard that quite a few times when out shopping with the three kids. The first time I was really taken back.  My quick response was "Yea" followed by a nervous laugh as I ushered the kids along. And then it happened a few more times.  My response was the usual "Yea" with the uneasy laugh, moving the kids along.

The more I heard the statement, the more annoyed I got.  I thought I only have three! Maybe it was the wording (You got your hands full) that made me annoyed. It made it seem bad. Maybe it is in the tone of  voice they used.  If someone said to me "You are one busy Mama", followed by a smile and a laugh, maybe that would be better, maybe.

The last time, I remember it clearly we were at Sobeys and I was looking at the salads behind the glass near the hot chicken.  An older lady saw me, my 7 year old, 4 year old and 4 month old.  "You have your hands full" she said to me. "Yea" I said and moved a long.  Then I stopped by the chicken, turned back to her and said "And my heart".  She just looked at the salads and repeated what I said 'And your heart'. I felt good that I said something back instead of just walking away.

The other week at Bible Study I mentioned that I was hearing a lot of "You have your hands full".  One of the ladies said "Oh my, I think I would say something like that".  Then she quickly added "But I wouldn't mean anything by it."  That made stop and think, she is such a kind person, she wouldn't say anything to hurt someone.  Maybe these strangers don't mean anything by it either.

Sometimes if I see a larger family out, I do look.  Not because I think it is wrong, but more of admiration. Maybe I have been looking at my situation in the wrong light.

People do stop to chat with me or say something as they are walking by due to the hockey team emblem on Sambora's car seat cover. The people either love the hockey team "You are raising him right" or  they don't "No wonder he is crying, look at the team".  That is fun.  So, may be I should be taking the "You have your hands full" on a lighter note.

Although one day, I had an order lady talk to me and the baby in the Yogurt section of the grocery store where she said to the baby "And Your mommy has you out on a cold day like this?" That I probably won't be able to see on a lighter note

(School was closed yesterday.  Kids had fun in the snow three times. Terry said home from work and shoveled us out with the help of a kind neighbour. We got around 35cm.)

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