Monday, March 2, 2015

Mom of Three

 Late September we had our third child.  A little boy.  He is sweet and he loves to be cuddled and prefers to be in my arms rather than being in the swing, exerciser, jumper, bouncy chair or floor.  The truth is, I don't mind holding him.  Our place (the tidy part) has suffered at times but I know he won't always want to be in my arms and soon he'll be having regular naps.

The first couple of weeks of E's arrival had been both wonderful and a little challenging.  One part I found challenging was when E was screaming, I would be trying to calm him down and the two older ones would ask me for things (Can you fix my toy?  I don't want to watch that show. Can we watch something else?)  They were oblivious to the crying and wanted mom like before. Thankfully that part settled down.  My biggest challenge now  is like most other moms - sleep or the lack of it.  Just the other night the baby was wide awake between 4am to 5am. He had already been up twice before that for a feeding. I am learning to go on broken sleep. Some days I can function fine and get things done around the house (like laundry, bed making, ect) other times the minimal gets done (kids are fed).
Yea, I used the same pic from my other blog

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