Monday, March 9, 2015

Sleeping like a Baby

Any one who said 'They slept like a baby' referring that they had a good rest must not have a baby or remember what it is like to have a baby.

E's sleeping lately has been a little rough on me.  Back in the summer we were in the city and ran into a friend Terry went to college with.  He was there with his two kids, a year or two older than ours.  Terry's friend said he had a nine month baby at home.  He then started to tell us, how he forgot how tired you get with a baby and how much you miss sleep. It is so true!

J and E sleep through the night. And it wasn't until about June last year I started having a bad sleep with being pregnant, uncomfortable, warm and having to get up to go pee.  But before that, it was rare that we were woken up in the night.

E  last week had a wakeful period from 2:00am til 3:30am, this happened twice.  The day in between, he was a wake every hour.  Last night, when he started waking up, he would nurse, I would put him in his crib and he would cry. He did not want to be in his crib last night.

I really forget what it was like with the other kids.  Maybe it was the same thing, I'll have to check my old blog. Sometimes I think maybe I should have kept going with the old blog.  I really like going back and reading what we were up to.  It holds great memories. 

My parents are coming today from Newfoundland. They will be staying with us for about two weeks.  I am hoping to have a few naps and catch up on my sleep when they are here. The kids are excited to see them.  We have been doing a countdown with 'number of sleeps'. Yesterday I worked on J's room, elastics for the rainbow loom everywhere!  Today it is Beth's room and tidy up the rest of the place. 

Note: (taken from the new blog)

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