Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Time Well Spent

My children are on my mind this morning.  One is in school, one is in preschool and the other is having a nap. Maybe it is because I was reading Matthew 2:16 this morning and I read how Herold gave orders to kill all the boys in Bethlehem who were two and under.  I think of my baby, sleeping in his crib and thinking how terrifying and horrific it must have been.  Babies being torn out of the mothers arms. Babies crying, mothers screaming.  It is hard to imagine it happening then and it is hard to imagine it happening now. 

Reading this passage made me think and question my parenting.  Have I truly been seeing them as a beautiful gift? Have I have been cherishing the moments with them?  Or have I been a little annoyed when the baby wakes up for an hour and half in the middle of the night and won't go back to sleep? Or have I said "One Minute" too many times to the kids when I want to refresh and see new status updates on facebook instead of focusing on the kids.

It is very easy to wish the day away, look towards the clock as a count down to bed time. It is very easy to keep putting off playing a game or colouring with the kids to wash dishes instead.  But when will be the time to play or colour? When they are teenagers?   

I love my kids dearly and I deeply regret not having started a family sooner.  As, each day goes by, we (my husband and I), are forming future adults, we are forming their childhood, their childhood memories.  Do I want them to look back and remember me always with my phone?  Do I want them to look back and remember me being annoyed because they are not getting their jackets on a little quicker? No.

 When the kids look back at there childhood, I want them too look back with great fondness.  I want them to share memories and stories with one another and laugh so hard no one can speak.  But most of all I want them to look back and know we where always there for them. 

Every minute of the day, with every situation, is a new chance to make that right decision with our children.  Today is the only March 3rd 2015 we'll ever get.

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