Wednesday, April 1, 2015

After March Break

My baby turned six months over the weekend.  I can not believe it, the time went by so fast. Seems like one day he didn't like being on the floor, and the next day he was rolling everywhere.  He can roll front to back, back to front and his little legs are starting the crawling motion.  It won't be long before he is crawling.

E being cute
E also started eating cereal over the weekend.  He loves it.  He opens his little mouth for the spoon and he gets so excited when he see me string the bowl with the spoon, it is adorable.  This weekend, we'll try him with a veggie.  Even though I have two other kids, this introduction to food seems new to me.
Ri feeding Ea
Just before March Break, we registered Ri for school.  She looked so little walking down the school hallway.  I am not sure if I am ready to have her go.  Alexander was born after the cut off date, so I got to have him home an extra year. Ri will be four when she goes.  Four seems little.  I read a few articles about Finland and how children there start a formal education at age seven.  I like that idea.  It lets kids be kids a little longer.  Why do we rush our children to grow up?  
My oldest turned seven earlier this year. There are days I think about home schooling him. I am sure there would be challenges, but it would be great to spend more time with him and to teach him.  Some parents count away the summer vacation days.  I count down the school days.
March Break, my parents came to visit from Newfoundland.  It was a good visit.  Our place has never been so tidy!  But the weather was pretty bad.  We had three snow events that would have cancelled school if the kids were not on break.  It was hard to get out the house.  I am looking forward to warmer temperatures and getting out the house!

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