Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Enjoy These Years

Before this pic was taken, two senior couples were sitting behind the kids. As they were leaving, one of the gentlemen came over to Terry, put his hand on Terry's shoulder and said, "You have a beautiful family. Enjoy these years, they go by quick". 

 Pic taken a few weeks ago

The words he spoke made me tear up. He is right. How many times do I rush bedtime? Or look at the clock to see when Terry will be home from work? I really need to enjoy these times with my children. They are only little once.

We were having breakfast at the Irving Big Stop. It was our first time at a sit down restaurant with E. He did pretty good. After breakfast we went for a random drive and drove through communities we haven't been to before.  

The kids did pretty good up to a certain point and then the whining started.  We changed the topic to making videos. The kids love watching videos of kids opening kinder eggs and toys. We talked about making our own video, the kids love that idea. J really wants to put it on youtube.  We did make a few videos, but haven't put them on youtube yet. Maybe I'll post them here.

The store we stopped at to stretch our legs and get a snack.

Overall it was a great Saturday and I am looking forward to summer adventures.

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