Monday, May 11, 2015

I left facebook

I disabled my facebook account about two weeks ago.  I am not saying I am not going back, when leaving I checked the 'temporary' box, but for right now I am not logging on.

When I first left facebook, I put up a brief post saying that I was leaving facebook for a few weeks for a break.  I didn't keep it up long and disabled my account.  I had a few people that got a hold of me out side of facebook and asked "What's wrong?"  There was nothing wrong.  I just want a break. It is funny that a first response to me leaving facebook is that there must be something terrible going on in my life, something that I don't want to share or something I don't want to talk about.

The truth? I was just spending too much time on there.  I would say 'just going to check facebook for a minute' and my minute would turn in to ten - fifteen minutes.  Do I really need to be checking facebook three of four times a day? Fifteen - Twenty minutes at a time? Checking to see if someone post something new?  Which sounds so funny because I am still on twitter and instagram and I read blogs. But they don't seem to have the same hold as facebook does. The time I spend on the other social media doesn't compare to the time I spent on facebook.  Maybe because there is so much on facebook?

It seems everything is linked to facebook, the mom's group I attend, my Bible study group, weight loss group and even J's first grade class has a group for update for parents. If you want to know what is going on in the groups you attend, the community or child related activities, it's on facebook.  And if you are not on facebook, you are not in the 'know'.  

And then, there is the "I have family from away and they like seeing pictures and updates of the family."  Which is true, I have family in Newfoundland, Ontario and Alberta. I could always send them an email with updates and pictures. The other week, my friend's phone wasn't working, so I sent her a message through gtalk.  She told me she didn't even know gmail offered gtalk. There were a lot of ways to communicate before facebook, but it seems like facebook is the number one choice right now.

 Do I miss facebook?  No.  I don't miss facebook.  I would love to stay facebook free.

But with everything being linked to facebook, I will probably be back.  Right now, though, I will keep my account disabled.

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