Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Not a Typical Birthday

Yesterday was Terry's birthday.  It started with me taking Ea to the doctor's walk in clinic.  It looked like he had pink eye.  Along with pink eye, Ea had a fever and was very congested.  His little nose was just running. 

As we pull in the drive way back home, Terry was getting out of his vechicle with Ri.  They had just dropped J off at school.  We said our good byes, Terry went to work and we went in the house to start our day.  Our day consisted of doing laundry.  Ri and I hung our clothes out side to dry.  She loves to help.

After school, the kids (E slept) worked on Terry's cake.  It was the same idea as a similar birthday, chocolate cake with ice cream, but this year we had a cookie cake pan. It is a very simple gluten free recipe made with simple ingredients like coco, rice flour.  I'll post the recipe another day.

The cake pan we found at Atlantic Super Store

 The kids helping with the cake

The finished cake with ice cream and some frosting.

Nanny came over for supper.  We had lasagne. During supper Ea woke up from his nap.  The doctor had given me a prescription for today just in case things Ea didn't approve over night.  We decided it would be best to have the medicine on hand. So I went to Sobeys.  Terry and Nanny put the kids to bed.  The Pharmacy was running behind, I waited over an hour.

By the time I got home, it was nine.  Just enough time to cuddle with Ea before he went to sleep, watch a half hour show with Terry before sleepy land.  It wasn't a typical birthday, but what is a typical birthday for a parent with three little ones?

Ea sleeping this morning

This weekend we are going out to eat for Terry's birthday, Nanny's retirement and Mother's Day. Ri picked the place, a Chinese Buffet. I am hoping everyone will be feeling better.

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