Monday, May 4, 2015

Sun Shine and Pink Eye

Today we had sun shine and warm temperatures. J went to school in shorts.  I dryed clothes out side and Ri and I sat on the deck.  It felt like summer time, next month school will come to an end and we'll be complaining how hot it is out.  

On the deck this morning.

E got his six month needles today.  He is actually 7 months.  With the bad weather in the winter I was late getting his needles.  The needles need to be the exact time after the last time. He did very well and only cried a little bit.

Ri was with me and the Dr. said "She has pink eye".  What?  Her eye which looked okay earlier during the day was now watery and had some gunk in it.  Ok.  Get Ri some drops and no preschool tomorrow.  We went to Sobeys for the drops, they were out, but we found them at WalMart.  I can say, Ri is not a fan of the drops. Hopefully it will start getting better tomorrow.

 Out shopping for birthday supplies this afternoon.  First time sharing a cart!

 Tomorrow is Terry's birthday.  We are making lasagna and baking a cake. The other week I picked up a cake pan that looks like a cookie.  Should be fun.  The kids are excited.

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