Sunday, November 22, 2015

Being a Mom

Some times being a Mom Means ......

~ Crying in the bathroom
~ Wearing stain shirts
~ Going months with out a hair cut 
~ Over looking the dishes on the counters, laundry over flowing, to play cars
~ Questioning the decisions you made
~ Eating a handful of M&Ms every time you enter the kitchen
~ Putting back something on the shelf you wanted in order to buy something for your kids.
~ Having a quickie in the bathroom with your husband while your kids watch cartoons
~ Wearing your pjs all day
~ Wearing your pjs all day and changing into new pjs for bed time
~ Crying at commercials
~ Dealing with tantrums
~ Feeling uncertain of your ability of being a mom 
~ Serving her family a second helping of supper before she had her first
~ Repeating over and over "Please go to sleep, Please to sleep"as you rub your child's hair
~ Putting down your coffee cup and not remembering where you put it
~ Getting out your vechicle in your pajamas during school drop off because your child can not open his/her door
~ Finally sitting down at the supper table with the family only to be asked to get a someone a drink

But mostly being a Mom Means feeling of Love

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