Saturday, November 21, 2015

Brother and Sister,

 A Biting Story

 Hugs and Love

 Just before this adorable photo was taken, Little I-T bite Ri.  We were at the arena watching J practice.  E for the first time was sitting in his own seat.  They were getting along so well, then all of a sudden I heard screams and cries.  What happened? I asked.  E bite me Ri cried.  E's face looked shocked, but he knew Ri was upset because he kept giving her hugs.  After talking for a bit and a few cuddles Ri was better.  She forgave him and E hugged her more.

For the past week or so, I have seen the relationship grow between Ri and E.  I am not sure if it is because he can do more things now, or if it because he is walking, but they are spending more time together. More time doing things together. They sit at their little table and colour together, they'll eat breakfast together and he loves going in her room and crawling on her bed while she plays with her toys. And sometimes, just sometimes, she'll sit in the grocery cart with him.

A bond between my children is something I pray about.  I image them having back yard bbq's together with their kids running around the yard while they sit, laugh and reminisce about their childhood. Terry and I would be standing on the deck, fresh lemonade in our hands watching our kids, now parents with their spouses. And I would look at Terry with a smile, and he would put his arm around me.

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