Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Hockey, Hockey, Hockey

Follow my blog with Bloglovin We have become a hockey family.  It started last year when we signed J up for IP.  I was very clueless on the hockey world and would always contact a friend with different questions.  She was patience with me and provided me a lot of information and details.  I like details.

There were a lot of early rises for Terry and J.  On Saturday mornings, J had to be at the rink for 7am. Once a week, Terry would go to work super early so he could come home early to take J to hockey.  Terry's work is an hour drive away. J played twice and week and a few jamborees here and there.  E was so new back then that I didn't make it to many practices.  Terry nor J complained about the early rises.

Last year

This November started a new season of hockey.  But this time it included Ri.  I can not explain enough how much she loves hockey.  We tried t-ball, soccer but she hockey is her thing.  Her gear is so tiny and she doesn't let go of the stick even if she falls.  She gets faster every time she is on the ice. Ri told us the other day she would like to play for the Montreal Canadians.  Ri plays twice a week. Tuesday evenings (another early work day for Terry) and Saturday afternoons. Terry loves seeing his kids play hockey.

The kids in their hockey gear

Now that E is older, I have been going to both kid's hockey practice.  J's is not as early this year, he starts at 8am, but now playing three times a week. Friday evening, Saturday, Sunday morning, J is on the ice.  He has started growing out his hockey hair.  This year though, I think we'll have to do something with the top of his hair, at the end of last season it was harder to get his helmet on. J too loves hockey, he goes on the ice and gives it his all.  His skating skills have developed so much.  Even though J loves hockey, he still says his favourite is baseball.

This afternoon/evening, it will be busy.  The kids both play.  J is up first.  I will take the kids to one arena. About half way through, Terry will come from work and get Ri and bring her to another arena. It is a tag team operation.  After J's hockey we'll meet up at Ri's hockey to watch her.  Then it is home, suppers, showers and bed.

Next year J said he would like to try out for the travel team.  So, that should bring some new adventures. 


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