Monday, November 2, 2015

It's November

We are in the month of November and I have no idea where the time went....oh I remember raising kids, household chores and activities. 

This will be Ri and J's third month of school.  It is Ri's first year of school and even though it was hard for me to see her go, it is nice too see that she is really enjoying school. J's in his second year and he too is enjoying school. 

J's classroom is now speaking all french all day. Three 'X's' for speaking English means staying inside for recess.   It may seem a little harsh, but they are they to learn french.  Thankfully, J loves speaking french.  He says things now and I have no idea what is being said. One day I was driving him to a birthday party, I asked him to tell me in french that he is going to a birthday party.  J did.  So then I tried saying in french, that mom is not going to the birthday party.  J's reply "Mom, you said nothing in french"

Ri is growing up so fast.  You can see her looks changing, her hair is getting longer and she too is in the french immersion program.  This summer it will be interesting to hear them speak french back and forth to one another. 

 The Kids!

Both kids are in hockey this year.  It's J's second year and Ri's first.  They both really like it. I was surprised how much Ri likes it.  Wearing her pink jersey and helmet, she holds her stick and slowly moves to feet back and forth on the ice.  She may be slow, but she gets around. It will be pretty neat to see the difference in her skating ability from now and the end of the season.

And  little 'E', the baby, whom I like to call, "Little I-T" because he loves electronics, like the remote control, cell phones and key boards. He too is growing so fast.  He is 13 months now.  He walks a little here and there, but prefers to crawl.  E loves to climb, if he can climb it he will, if he can't climb it, he'll try anyway.

Terry and I are doing good.  Trying to keep up with the new hockey season.  Terry rolled his foot a few weeks ago, it still hurts a bit, but he is doing much better. This September I started volunteering at Church. I am helping with a group of  preschool kids during the service.  I was a little nervous going in, but it has been fun.  I am happy I did it. 

Now that I have a semi-working keyboard.  I am hoping to get back to blogging again.  Time really does go by quickly. I would like to capture some of those moments.

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