Thursday, November 5, 2015

To Nap or Not to Nap?

I have been up since 4am.  It is now 8:47am and Little IT is finally sleeping.  The older kids are at school and hubby is at work.  The cat is snoozing on my bed.  My coffee cup is empty and I am still awake. Do I go to  bed and get the much needed sleep? Or do I stay up and work on the daily chores?  Still deciding.

J and Ri were a little sleepy for school this morning.  Last night we took them to the Acadia hockey game.  It was minor hockey night.  The kids wore their jerseys and got into the game for free! I am not sure how much hockey was watched (kids played a lot with the other hockey kids), but lots of food was eaten and I am pretty sure they had a good time.  Acadia won in overtime. 

Tomorrow is a half a day of school and hubby is home. I'm thinking about dropping off our used K-Cups to Wheatons, it is about a 20 minute ride, but it is a beautiful drive and I love the fall colours.  My camera got water soaked over the summer and I haven't bought another one.  So, I have been asking hubby to use his phone to take pictures. Which really annoys him I think, but he keeps handing me his phone. Although I love my phone (blackberry curve), his iphone something takes much better pictures. I want to take more fall photos.

During this post, my mind has wondered, maybe my brain does need sleep so I can function for the rest of the day.  But have I waited too long?  Will my little guy wake up as I sneak into the room and crawl into the cold unmade bed?  Or Will he let me fall asleep and then very cutely say "Mum, Mum, Mum"  Or will I drift into dreamland and we both sleep until lunch?

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