Friday, November 6, 2015

Write Daily

I have a few minutes before Terry and J come home from hockey.  Ri was too tired to go and watch tonight.  So, I stayed home with her and E. Not that I accomplished much.  But some days are like that. E and Ri are both in bed and sleeping.  Tomorrow we have hockey, very early.  One starts at 7am, the other at 8am at a different rink. 

Some of my post, really may be bland and not say much, but I want to try to write daily.  I have been encouraged reading posts on twitter and instagram about writing every day.  And I thought to myself, I should do that.  When I was younger I was always writing stories and scripts. Back then it was either on a typewriter or hand written.  I really wish I would have kept what I wrote, to look back at my ideas.  I have been thinking about writing a fictional story, more like a fictional blog about a girl with a bit of a wild side then her life changes. But we'll see.

Yesterday I was unsure if I should nap or not.  I did, but it wasn't enough, felt groggy afterwards.  And last night, Little IT cried, I nursed him, put him back in his crib and he cried again. Last week, I let him in our bed and cuddled him. He slept with us for a bit and I put him back to bed. But this week when I tried that, he would just flop around.  Not very comfortable at all. So, I spent a long time rubbing his hair for him to fall asleep in his bed.

Today the older kids had a half a day.  After school, they played at the playground for a bit and we had Pita Pit for lunch.  We don't do take out very often, but Pita Pit was good!  They have a gluten free option which is so great because I can eat a pita with the rest of the family.  The rest of the afternoon we ran errands.

I think my husband and son are home. 

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