Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Our Griswold Christmas Tree

It has been forever since I posted.  What have I been doing?  Getting our place in order.  Things were just ever where!  Ri and J last day is Friday before Christmas vacation and I wanted everything done before they get out of school.  At this moment I only have the kitchen left and it is about 70% done.  Now the big task will be keeping up the work.  With broken sleep, early mornings and hockey, the house work got let behind a lot. It has been such a long time since so many rooms tidied at once.  The sign that says "My house was clean last week, sorry you missed it" could have been my motto.  Since my the tidy up, no one has been over.

Getting our tree last weekend
When we were looking at the tree from afar, I was worried it wasn't tall enough, 
I was so wrong!
Taking this picture, I still realize how big it really was.

Between hockey and the kids attending birthday parties, we did mange to go and get a tree.  It was J's year to pick out a tree.  He has been looking forward since last year when Ri got to pick out a tree.  I have named the tree, The Griswold Tree, like in the movie Christmas Vacation.  The scene, when they cut the string off the tree and the tree is so huge that it goes everywhere, that is our tree.  It takes up the whole living room, it has gaps in it and we will need to saw limbs off to take it out the door.  I am not even kidding.

Our Griswold Tree 
Terry had cut some off the tree

Making Memories with this tree

The kids love it!  They were so excited to take off the string and watch the tree come to life.  (I did take a video, maybe, I'll probably post it later). Terry put on the lights and the kids put on the ornaments.

 Ri and J decorating the tree.  They did a great job.
E was sleeping at this time.
So far he has been really good with not touching the ornaments on the tree

 One thing I like about real trees is that it is different each year, the size the shape. I am kinda use to the size of the tree now and our place smells great!

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