Tuesday, December 22, 2015

You are Fighting over What?

We are on Christmas Vacation.  The baby is napping.  Hockey gear is in the washer.  The two older kids are playing nicely in J's room.  Christmas music is playing in the background.  Terry is at work.  It is peaceful now, but some times I say to the kids, "You're fighting over what?"

The other morning, I was in the kitchen making breakfast,  Ri yells out to me "Mom, J is smiling at me.  I don't want him to smile at me". J yells out "I am just smiling".  That incident got me thinking about the things they have argued over. 

For a while, in the mornings, they would fight over the middle cushion of the couch. Not sure why, but the middle was prime real estate. Once driving in the car, Ri got mad because J looked out 'her widow'.
 The usually get along but sometimes...
Pic taken in Dec. 2012 helping with Christmas lights
But the biggest one I remember is when the kids were fighting over pretend medals.  Yes, I said pretend medals. They were playing some sort of game which ended with medals.  I hear yelling coming from the room, I go in to investigate. They are arguing over medals. 
I witness one child go over to the other child and take the pretend medal off their sibling's neck and put the pretend medal on themselves. "It's mine".  The child who lost the medal went over and took the medal back. I just stood there.  Finally I said "Mommy has medals" and I handed out some pretend medals.

Before I had kids, I was talking on the phone with a friend who had two young girls, 18 months a part. As we were talking, I could hear her kids in the background. After a few minutes, she tells me "I have to let you go, they are fighting over a hot dog wrapper".  As a mom, I totally get that now.


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