Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Buckle Fracture

Three years ago, it was Jovy with a buckle fracture, now it is Rio with a buckle fracture.  
It happened Friday evening. 

Taken on Sunday when we were out looking for Pokemon

Friday evening, Jovy and Rio were outside playing.  Terry was home from work.  Easton was sleeping. I called the kids in, but only Rio came in with some stuff animals.  She wanted to go back out, I said no at first.  But then I changed my mind and said, "Okay, but tell Jovy to come in."  Yes, she said happily as she went out the door.

Before I knew it, I heard her crying.  I looked out the window and saw Jovy with the soccer ball. At first, I thought Jovy might have kicked the ball towards her.  Then I saw her holding her arm and I knew something else happened.

The kids had tied a skipping rope on a branch, Rio was holding on to it and swinging from it.  One of the handles came off and Rio fell.  "I sort of knew I shouldn't have been doing it" Rio said between the tears, "But it was super fun", followed by more tears.

Her hand did not swell, she could move her fingers. Rio kept holding her arm and saying it hurt. The way she was holding her arm reminded me of Jovy when he hurt his arm. We called Nanny to watch Easton and we headed to the hospital.

When we first arrived, Rio got checked out by the nurse.  As with Jovy at the doctor's office, the nurse got Rio to move her fingers and hand up and down and asked if it hurt. Rio said no.  I then pipped up and asked Rio to move her hand like she was turning a door knob. She did and tears came to her eyes, she said that hurt.

We were at the hospital for just over three hours.  We didn't get home until after midnight.  We were all so tired. 

Rio was upset.  She was hoping that the doctor would tell her nothing was wrong. Rio wouldn't even let me take a picture of her, unlike the time she was smiling on the hospital bed after getting a nail in her foot. 

Rio at the hospital when she stepped on a nail.
 For the first couple of nights, it was hard for her to sleep.  Her arm was too heavy, she was out growing the bandage, it was itchy.  She wanted no pictures taken of herself and she didn't go to Church on Sunday because she didn't want anyone to see.

Rio is doing much better today.  She is sleeping better and is getting use to the bandage. She dresses herself, feeds herself and still plays. Her bandage is really dirty from playing in the dirt. Thursday, Rio has an appointment at the orthopedic fracture clinic, we will see if she gets a cast or a brace like Jovy had. 

After having two kids with buckle fractures, this is what I have learned:
~ both kids could move their hand up and down
~ both kids could move their fingers
~ there was no swelling
~ there was no brusing
~ they would hold their hurt arm
~ the motion of turning a door knob really hurt
~ bruising showed up days later in Jovy, not sure if Rio 

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