Monday, May 15, 2017

Baby Makes Four

 April 27th we welcomed our fourth baby in to the world.  
Hunter Wesley was born at 6:13pm.

Just a few minutes old

This pregnancy like the two before, I ended up with gestational diabetes. From almost the beginning of pregnancy, I was on insulin. This pregnancy included almost daily sickness and for the first time, lots and lots of heartburn.  

The original due date was April 29th, but the doctor said he would induce a few days early.  A Thursday morning, we get a call from the hospital to go in for 8am. We rushed getting the kids out the door for school, Nanny came over to watch Easton and we headed to the hospital. At first the plan was a gel treatment, come home, go back for another gel treatment in the afternoon. I had planned on making supper, getting the crib out of storage, but the baby had another plan. Hunter's heartbeat had dropped twice for no reason. So, they decided to admit me.

Baby Hunter

Around 4pm, the doctor broke my water.  Things went fast from there. It took a bit to get me in a room. Then the nurse had to hook up my iv. As this was going on, the contractions started happening really close together and more painful.  When I asked for the epidural, the person was tied up and I knew I was in trouble.

I squeezed Terry's hand and my mind went in a fuzzy zone.  The nurse offered me laughing gas. That I have to say, had no effect at all. Truthfully it was a pain to use.  Soon, it was time to push and I begged Jesus to help me.  Hunter was born at 6:13 pm.  And just like that the pain was over, and I was holding my 8lb 3.7oz baby.  

The nurse laid him on my chest. He was so sweet, bright eyed, looking around and he peed on me.

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