Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Low Blood Sugar

After Hunter was born, they checked his blood sugar.  It was low.  With having gestational diabetes with two previous pregnancies, I was aware of this routine, but this was a first with a baby having low blood sugar.

Just before midnight on the day (Thursday) he was born, the nurses again came to check his sugar. Still low. But this time it was low enough that they needed the lab to come up to do blood work.  Well, the lady, maybe she was new, took a half hour to get blood from Hunter.  He was screaming so hard and it was difficult to watch. I felt helpless and I just wanted to shove her away from him. Finally it was over and I cuddled him and cried and cried.

Hours old

 A little later, the nurse came back and said Hunter needed an IV.  I was heart broken.  I was still upset about how the lab work went and now Hunter needed an IV.  I cried and didn't say anything. I let the nurses take him. I prayed, wrote in my mom's group for prayer and texted Terry.  With a heavy heart I  made my way to Hunter.  To my surprise, he was not crying.  One nurse was letting Hunter suck her gloved finger, she gave him some liquid for pain. The other nurse put in the IV.

Hunter with an IV

The procedure of the IV went great, much better than the collecting of the blood.  I was very thankful.  Hunter didn't seem bothered by the IV at all.  He slept, he nursed. The only issue with the IV was some movements made the monitor beep and the nurses had to keep coming in. Sometimes five times in a half hour. 


They did have to increase his dose.  But by late Saturday night, the doses came down and by Sunday early morning, Hunter's IV was unhooked.  We came home Sunday afternoon.  This had been the longest stay in the hospital with baby.

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