Thursday, May 18, 2017

Meeting Hunter

Friday after school, the kids came to meet Hunter for the first time. Terry had told them about Hunter needing an IV and that we had to spend a couple of days in the hospital. They were a little sad, but they were happy to finally meet Hunter. 

 Easton seeing Hunter for the first time.

 Rio's reaction

 Jovy seeing Hunter

 Hunter is crying. Easton is trying to console him. 
But instead of saying "Shhh.." it is more of a blowing out a candle.

Our Kids!

While me and Hunter were at the hospital, Terry did an amazing job with the kids at home. School, lunches, meals. He did it all.  I am thankful for him and our family and friends. Nanny watched Easton and the kids so Terry could come see us at night. A good friend of mine picked up our kids from school. Women at our Church brought us meals the first week home.  It was was nice to go home.

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