Thursday, September 28, 2017

Friday Drive

Terry didn't have to work on Friday. So we did something we didn't do in a long time. We took a drive with the two younger boys while the older kids were in school.  Before kids we would take drives all the time.  We would say if we had coffee and gas in the tank we would be happy. 

Water and Tims

Once the kids started to get older, the more they the fought in the vehicle. "He's looking out my window", "Rio stop pushing me, ReeeeOOO I said stop".  It just got too much and the relaxation we got from the drive was gone.


 We drove to a place called Harbourville. Easton got to throw rocks in the water, walk around with dad and we got to hear the water come in over the rocks. It was very peaceful.


Throwing rocks in the water

 Beautiful Day

Hunter checking this out

On the way home, we took the back way (no highway) home.  It was nice.  The boys were quite and we got to take in the scenery of changing leaves and farm living. 

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