Tuesday, October 3, 2017

My YouTuber

My kids discovered youtube a few years ago and they loved it.  Watching clips of cartoons turned into watching other kids play, open toys and kinder eggs. Now they love watching other people play games like Minecraft, baby alive videos and a few more.

Ever since they watched these videos, they have wanted to make their own videos. I have no idea how to make these videos. So, I just recorded them on my phone.  But I have never posted them.  They have been asking again to post videos. Rio especially wants to be a youtuber.  

This video was taken a about 2.5 years ago.  They look so little.  They are opening and trying to figure out how to use a bubble maker.  Easton who just turned three, is in a high chair laughing.

This video is funny.  They are opening kinder eggs but they have no idea of the animal. 

The other weekend when we went for a drive to the beach.  I let Rio take my phone and record.  It was a cute video.  In the beginning,  Easton throws a lolly pop and Jovy catches it. They wanted me to uploaded to youtube and I did.  They kept looking to see if any watched. It was sweet. T

The video to the beach

Maybe we will add more videos.  Rio has taken a few videos already.  She takes her doll and my phone.  Easton who loves playing with her, follows along, happy to be include.

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